BGM PRO Touring Crankshaft (Rotary Valve) 57mm Vespa PX200, Cosa200, P200E

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BGM Pro Touring (Rotary Valve) 57mm Crankshaft Vespa PPX200, Cosa200, P200E

The BGM crankshafts are made from quality forged materials! The crank webs are also forged, but are then CNC machined. The conrod have two large slots, this is for lubrication of the piston pin and bearing. The BGM Crank can be used for any scooter up to 20HP, due to the high quality material used. 

BGM COMMENTS: Compared too many other racing crankshafts, the bgm PRO Touring crankshaft has a much better layout of the intake time. For tuning cylinders the standard shaft with its very short intake time cannot keep up. The bgm PRO shaft, on the other hand, closes on a PX motor housing approx. 58° after top dead center (depending on the motor housing, this varies ex works). The motor can be well tuned with these control angles. TIP: If the intake is machined in a way that the crankshaft opens the intake slot earlier, additional power can be gained. A good value is about 120° TDC.

  • disc (ROTARY) valve
  • stroke 57.0mm
  • conrod 110.0mm
  • pin 16mm

Comparison No.  BGM031800G (BGM)

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